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From: Dan
Subject: Fun with Casey When I started High School I found many new friends. I had gone to
the Catholic School and about two thirds of my freshman class had gone to
the public school, so I didn't know many public sex 3gp of them. Casey Williams was one
of those new kids that I met and he turned out to be one of the coolest
friends I ever had.
On the first day of school my third period class was Phys. Ed. We
reported to the locker room and changed into shorts and tee shirts. The
kid at the locker next to me was one of the kids from the Public School and
he smiled and said his name was Casey. He was about my size, 5' 7", slim,
with brown short hair and deep brown eyes. He was very cute and had a
pretty good looking body for a freshman. We left our underwear on under
our gym shorts so I didn't get a look at his dick which I was hoping to do.
After gym class we all stripped down and headed to the shower room.
The pics 13yo porn shower arrangement was two big pipes that looked like periscopes were
in the middle of the room with about six shower spigots on each of them.
Six boys at a time could gather around each of the pipes and shower. It
was a great arrangement because there was no way a guy could hide his dick
which gave me a chance to scope out all the others in the class.
I was soaping up and trying not to be too obvious about checking
out the others when I dropped my soap. I bent over to pick it up and
suddenly I felt something poke me in the butt. I jumped up and there was
Casey behind me humping his cock into me. "What the hell are you doing?" I
shouted, amateur porn bedroom 156
quite surprised.
"Fucking you, bend over again," he said with a shit-eating grin.
I just stood there amazed as he stepped behind one of the guys next
to me and put his 14 y.o naked arms around his middle and began humping him. "You horny
dog, get the hell away," the kid said laughing.
We all finished up and while we were drying off and dressing one of
the other kids said to me not to be offended by Casey that he just did that
kind of shit all the time. Soon here came Casey out of the shower and he
walked up to me. He looked at my dick and nodded his head. "That's a nice
one," he said.
I didn't know what to say so I just got dressed and went to my next
class. Well, the day passed TUBE SEX PORN HORS3 and when school was over I was walking out and
someone came up to me and grabbed my ass. "Hey cutie, what you doing after
school?" It was Casey.
"I'm going home," I said. "Why?"
"Just curious. I hope you're not mad about me humping you. I was
just having fun." He was so damn cute that I couldn't be angry. "No, it
just surprised me," I said. "And if you do it again, do it someplace where
there aren't so many others." He looked best free 3gp porn surprised when I said that. I
just laughed and headed for home.
Over the next few weeks Casey and I got to be really good buddies.
He was crazy and spontaneous, and horny all the time. He'd grab someone's
ass or balls without thinking. I 8 yo girl pic
found it very exciting to be with him,
not knowing what he'd do next.
About a month later hunting 12yoass
season was starting and Casey asked me
if I wanted to come to his farm and hunt with him. I jumped at the chance
and the following weekend I rode the bus home with him. I had extra
clothes and he had an extra rifle for me to use. When we got to his house
we went to the kitchen where his mom was baking. She was working on some
cookies or something and turned to take something out of the oven and Casey
stepped behind me and began humping my butt. His mom was three feet away.
He stopped quickly when she turned but grinned like mad as I looked amazed
at him. I just shook my head. He was so brave and crazy.
We changed and went up to the woods and hunted for squirrels.
After a while hunting alone, we met and sat down in a nice shady spot and
lay back on the ground. "So, do you jack off a lot?" Casey asked.
I nude boys 16 was surprised at his boldness but answered honestly. "About
three times a day," I said.
He turned and looked over at me. "Want 28 days later xxx to asian girls 911 jack off now?" I
wasn't planning on that, but it sounded pretty exciting and naughty. "You
want to?"
"I always want to, twenty four seven," he said unbuttoning his
pants. I watched as he pulled his pants down to his knees and then his
underwear. His cock was already hard and it popped out of his undies and
stood straight 10 yo naked boys
up. His pubes were still pretty thin but his cock was a
good five inches and pretty thick. His balls were hairless and hung down
pretty nice. He took hold of his cock and squeezed it and a big drop of
precum oozed out of the end. He wiped it off and put it in his mouth.
"Aren't you getting naked?" he said looking at my crotch.
"Yeah, sure," I said. I pulled my pants down and then my underwear
and my dick popped out. Mine was about the same length of Casey's but a
bit thicker. I had a little more hair too.
"Wow yours is thick," he said. Then he reached over and grabbed it
and began jacking me off. I didn't know what to say or do, so I slid a
little closer and did the same to him. It didn't take long, maybe a minute
and Casey began to pant and shot a big load of cum into the 2 corinthians slaves
air 8mm porn and all
over my hand siemens eq 7
and wrist. I shot my load two seconds later.
We jacked each 18 and pregnant pictures other for a little longer to milk out all of the cum
and then laid back and rested. I was ford 95 escort transmission surprised when Casey brought his hand
to his lips and licked my cum off. He looked over at me. "Don't you ever
eat it?" he asked.
"No, I never have," I said. "Does it taste good?"
He took my hand and lifted it up to my lips. It was covered with
his creamy cum. I stuck my tongue out and tasted it. It wasn't bad. He
grinned and licked my hand clean of his own cum. "Don't want to waste it,"
he said.
Casey's family had a cabin they had built up in the woods on a hill
behind the house and on weekends some of the family would sleep overnight
in the sex kiddy 12 yo cabin during hunting season. That was the plan for tonight.
The cabin was just one big room with a fireplace, and kitchen on
one side and two sets of double bed bunkbeds on the other side of the room.
If all beds held two p.e.d.o. galleries 11 y.o. people, eight could sleep there at once.
Casey and I headed up to the cabin on one of their four-wheelers to
meet his dad, his uncle and three cousins who were going to all sleep in
the cabin that night. We had a big cook out and sat and told hunting
stories for a few hours and then TUBE SEX PORN HORS3 decided it was time for bed. Casey's dad
and uncle took the top bunk on one of the beds and two of his cousins took
the bottom on the same bed. The other cousin was on the bottom and Casey
and I on the top bunk of the other bed. Everyone stripped down to their
underwear and got into bed.
There was still light from the fireplace and there was still
conversation going on when I felt Casey snuggle up against my back. It
felt nice to have his nearly naked body against mine so I snuggled back
against him. His dad and uncle were only five feet away so i am fool 16 I was a little
nervous having Casey so close. His dad was telling a story about a big
buck he'd once shot and I felt Casey's hand on my underwear. Suddenly he
pulled them down so my butt was bare. I looked over my shoulder at him and
he was grinning. I shook my head no. He nodded yes.
I jumped a little when I felt his finger slide into my butt crack.
I didn't dare do too much or his dad and uncle would wonder what was going
on. So I stayed still and felt him pushing his finger up and down my
crack. "What the hell are you doing?" I whispered out the side of my
He leaned over my ear. "Pleasuring you." He giggled.
His finger felt great sliding up my ass crack and then he got it
against my butt hole and began pushing into my hole. At first I resisted
by clenching my butt tight but soon I let up and felt his finger go in a
little bit. But it felt way too big to be a finger!
"What is that? Your finger?" I whispered.
Casey grinned and held his hands up. "Nope, guess again." I
couldn't believe it. That horny little shit had his dick in my butt and we
were only a few feet away from his dad. He began to push in farther and 14yr 14yo girls gallery
gritted my teeth. It felt great and soon I could feel his pubes rubbing
against my lower back. He was moving very slowly and pushing his dick in
and out. He slipped his arm around my waist and held onto my now rock hard
cock and began slowly jacking me. "Are you nuts?" I whispered. He just
I was in heaven and just about to cum when his dad asked me
something about deer hunting. I tried to answer and keep my voice from
shaking as I answered him. I 3some porn could hear Casey giggling behind me. Soon
the others quieted down and I heard snoring. Casey was still very slowly
fucking me and just as slowly jacking my cock. 12yo angels "You ready to cum?" he
"I'll make a mess all over the bed," I whispered.
"Here," he said as he handed me a little kitchen towel he must mp4 porn movies have
stashed under the covers. "Put this by your dick and shoot into it."
I placed the towel under my dick and he increased his jacking and I
felt my cock begin to tickle. bleach beat mp3 "I'm close," I whispered.
Casey jacked me and soon I began to cum. I felt his cock twitching
in my butt as my cum shot out and nude boys 16
knew he was cumming in my butt at the
same time. It seemed like an hour that I came, but it was probably a
minute. We both were quietly panting as he pulled his cock from my butt.
He wiped my dick off and then his cock and stashed the towel.
I rolled over to face him and he was smiling from ear to ear.
"How'd you like that?" sex kiddy 12 yo he asked.
"You got to have the most balls of anyone I've ever known," I said.
"I can't believe you did that."
He looked worried. "Are you pissed? I didn't mean to piss you
I smiled. "No it just about gave me a heart attack when you did
that though."
We looked into each other's eyes and then Casey leaned forward and
kissed me on the lips. His lips were so soft and sweet and we held the
kiss for a long time. Then he smiled at me and said, "You forgive me?"
I nodded and we kissed some more. ford 95 escort transmission We wrapped our arms around each
other, our naked bodies entwined under the covers and we drifted off to
sleep.If you liked this story, please look at my other stories on Nifty.
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Thanks for the great emails. I enjoy hearing from you.
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